Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dust Yourself Off. Time Heals All Wounds

I know you've all heard the platitudes...dust yourself off, time heals all wounds; you're gonna wash that man right out of your hair; you're better off without him/her, yada yada yada.  Which brings me to the theme of my blog...There have been two seminal events in my life which lead to an identity crisis.  Both were actually of my own doing but I still went through a difficult time because of the decisions I chose to make.  The first event was when I finally came to the decision to divorce the man I had been married to for 13 years and had known since I was 14.  He was the only man I had ever dated.  He was a musician and my life revolved around his life.  Until I began to change and came to the realization that I wanted a different life for myself.  He wasn't going to change for me.  What's the old saying?  If you can't "change" the people around you, then "change" the people around you. He wanted to go to marriage counseling.  I said OK.  I went in to talk to the counselor and basically said, this marriage is over.   Read more...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

To Pee or not to Pee...That is the Question.

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I think it was over Memorial Day weekend Sirius /XM Radio decided to have a station dedicated to the comedy of  Richard Pryor.  For my international or youthful readers, Richard Pryor was a black comedian popular primarily during the 1970's and early '80's.  Pryor was a man with demons.  He almost killed himself when he caught himself on fire from smoking crack.   He later went on to do a very funny act about that episode. He grew up in a house of prostitution where his grandmother was the madame and his mother a prostitute.  So he was the comedian that told it like it was...raw and vulgarity laden.  But people loved him and the natural way in which he portrayed race, drug use, love, marriage etc.  I did get to see him live in Austin, TX back in the late '70's. I laughed until I almost peed in my pants. He did an hysterical routine on the different ways in which men and women pee.  If you're interested in the monologue, go to You Tube.  It is very, very funny.  So on that Sirius weekend, I ended up hearing this monologue again.  Men like to write their name in the snow when they urinate, he said, (of course he didn't use that word) but women just seem to have a difficult time doing their business in the great out doors.  The lady in the monologue (Richard's voice, of course) says she'll just wait until they get back to the car.  "What?!  You're going to wait and then pee in MY CAR?!" Richard Pryor (1986) (cropped).jpg  Read more...