Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Many Ways Golf Beats Politics

 I found this great article in Sat., Aug. 6th's Wall Street Journal.  John Paul Newport writes a golf article for the Journal almost every Sat. during the golf season.  Enjoy! Thanks John Paul!

"At the beach last week, with plenty of time on my hands, no golf planned and a good Internet connection, I became obsessed with the political debt debate in Washington. Could there be a more perfect way to ruin a family vacation? As penance and out of gratitude for the game, I've compiled the following list of ways that golf, compared with politics, is wonderful.

Golf is nonideological. Ideologues cling to ideas even in the absence of proof that they work, whereas in golf definitive proof is plentiful and quick: The ball goes in the hole or it doesn't. It's not as if golfers aren't drawn to new ideas and abstract "systems," as witness late-night infomercials on Golf Channel. But most don't last long. The half-life of a golf idea is usually about a week. Read more...