Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Safeway Gift Certificate

Back in the late 80's I moved from Austin to Arlington, TX. It was for a great job opportunity but also had the double benefit of the job being in the same city as my boyfriend. I made the move and my guy (later my hubby) comes over to give me a housewarming gift. Auuhhh how sweet. A gift certificate to Safeway. That's very practical. He thought I could use it to buy cleaning supplies. Was he trying to IMPLY something? OOOkkk. After we got married, for my birthday, he gave me 50 clothing hangers. Now, they were the padded scented ones. The guys out there are saying, hey what's wrong with that. Apparently you needed them. Was he trying to IMPLY that I didn't hang up my clothes? Read more...
I remember during Christmas when I was 10 or 11 years old, my dad bought my mother one of those newfangled dish washers. The FIRST in my home town. My mother was furious and we girls were ecstatic. NO MORE DISHES TO WASH! During college break at Christmas my daughter would work part time at Victoria's Secret.  Swim 2014She used to come home laughing her head off at the hapless men that came into the store. What size is your wife sir? Uhhh a size 4? Anybody here in the store look like her? That woman over there. She's about a 12 sir. Now, I will admit that the sizing issue can be a big dilemma. If the husband asks his wife what size she wears, chances are (if she's over a 10 or anorexic) she'll lie. She can always return it! The clothing manufacturers have really done a number on sizing to make our ever "growing" population not feel so fat. So, the same dress labeled a size 12 in the 50's is now labeled a size 8. What's a guy to do? My husband, for the longest time, would go out with our daughter and she'd help him pick something out for me. Then we went through the golf shop phase and now we're into the why don't you let me pick it out, meaning I pick it out. I then wrap it and put it under the tree. Hey, it works for me. Besides I am not a big believer in returning gifts. If someone has taken the time to buy me something, I keep it. Then when the person comes by, out comes the gift. large sample

Here are some pointers from the WSJ on how to pick out an appropriate gift.

. When in doubt, go down a size.

• Never give a gift that suggests your spouse is not perfect. No unsolicited exercise equipment, self-help books, wrinkle cremes or nose-hair removers.

• Appliances and cookware are OK only if she asks for them.

• Don't even think about a gift that you will get more enjoyment out of than your spouse.

• Remember: It's not just the thought that counts—especially if you didn't have that thought until the checkout line.

• When all else fails, at least try to create memories.

And what is my Christmas present this year? A Kindle! My Prime account at Amazon is a wonder... It's wrapped and under the tree...

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