Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Olympics and Condoms-Strange Bedfellows

Did that title get your attention?  I was telling some friends of mine about this the other day.  I had read about this concerning another Olympics.   Their response was "you've got to be kidding".  Nope.  Would Hairball lie to you honey?   The practice of handing out free condoms began in 1992 in Barcelona.  Condom use within the Vancouver Olympic village is rampant.  This year some 100,000 free condoms were given to some 7000 athletes and officials of the games.  That's some 14 condoms PER person.  Back up...they gave them to the officials too?  This makes Tiger Woods and his trysts pale in comparison.  What do they have there?  A condom depot? Read more...
  But they've run into a small, teensy weensy problem.  The use of condoms ballooned (you're so funny)and they were running out.   What to do, what to do?  To save the day the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research sent an additional 80,000 small coins and that shipment arrived Thursday.  That's an additional 11 per person for 3 more nights of competition.  What's going on here?  Well, I'm very happy they're having safe sex.  But on the other hand, there is a great deal of heinous f*ckery going on.  But I'm willing to let them blow (easy Hairball) off steam. Keep in mind, some of these athletes come from very inflexible and ram rod (oh, the puns!)societies.   They've trained long and hard (stop!) for this Olympics.  And have spent  many hours/days/weeks/months/years to be in a 4 man heat or to be in the Nordic combine.  And, the ladies, well, they weren't diddling (I guess they are diddling) but preparing and waiting for the giant slalom (I am so funny) or the team pursuit (threesomes?).  And on top (stop already!)of all of that, who can resist all of those firm, gorgeous limbs.  So, boys and girls, enjoy the last remaining nights of "the games".  I'm sure there will be a guy or girl somewhere in the Olympic village singing, "Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found you"...

Post note:  2012 London Olympics...there is now a dispute over that fact that same sex married couples can stay in the same room in the Olympic village but not heterosexual married couples.  What's that all about?

Update 1/24/14...Since Putin wants to increase the number of children born in Russia( the number of children per family is way down.  It is now 1.61.)  He may not have so many condoms available for the Russian athletes :))

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  1. I tried to respond to your blog about condoms but I'm not sure it worked. You missed the point. Each guy took about 100 condoms. They all had the Olympic symbol on the side. What guy could miss the chance to show off his business with the five rings down the side.