Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twisted Head Part Seven

Well, I haven't posted anything since January on the status of my twisted head.  If you're squeamish, don't read further.  As I said in my previous post, I'm going to the best doctor in the southeast for my malady. His name is Dr.  Matthews Gwynn.  A very nice guy. He's been using botox for this malady for 20 years and teaches other doctors in the state of Georgia how to do the procedure.   Well, he utilizes a different technique than the other neurologist.  He has the IMG machine but the needle is hooked up to the machine with the vial of botox in the syringe.  Look away now kids.  Read more......he  puts the needle in one set of neck muscles, moves it around and if he hears a crrrrrrrr sound from the machine of the muscle contracting, there is where he injects the botox.  I had no idea how many sets of muscles there are in the neck.  Anyway, he proceeds and I'll just say, it is uncomfortable.  He decides that he not only wants to give me the injections on the left side but also on the right!  And sure enough, crrrrrrr.  The most difficult part of this isn't the shots.  It's finding the right protocol.  The exact spot to do the injections, how much to inject and then, is it the right toxin.  Medical research has developed many new "botox" like toxins that can be used.  The other problem is that if the protocol used by the doctor doesn't work, then you have to wait three months for your next injections.  This last set, in January, helped about 50%.  I decided that I would take half a valium in the morning and if we were going out that night, another half, which after a martini makes for a very mellow yellow evening.  Otherwise, I put on a neck brace and try to exercise and then lay down.  So, I go this Monday for my next set of shots.  It's like this.  It's like climbing a mountain.  You get the shots and you don't really feel any relief for 2-3 weeks.  Then you reach the top and, if the protocol is right, you have 6-8 weeks of some relief (at least that's my experience so far).  And as you get to the top of the mountain and begin to descend, the 3rd month, then you begin to feel the tugging and pain in the shoulder.  Physical therapy has helped.  We're working on strengthening my right neck muscles to counteract the pull of the left and working on strengthening my back to do the same.  Pretty soon with my chin,  I shall be able to pop a top off a Bud.  I'll keep you posted on how the next "round" goes....

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