Monday, November 5, 2012

AAMOI: TAFS (Translation Below)

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As a matter of interest: texting acronyms for seniors.  :-X.

I bought this little flip book, Texting Dictionary of Acronyms.  I'm not into this stuff like the kids of today are.  Mostly I use the LOL or LMAO with a smattering of :)) or :((.  But apparently there is a whole new world of language out there that scares me.  Scares me because I love the English language and all of its nuances.  Here's a lovely texted nuance: EPADY.  Want to guess what it stands for?  Eat poop and die you. Very nuanced.  I'm convinced that as our world evolves all our progeny will have on their hands are little thumbs to type on tiny keys.  Since my readers are mostly, not all, but mostly a little older, this little handbook does have texting acronyms for seniors.  So here goes TWS (texting while senior):   Read more... the doctor's friend fell
BTW...bring the wheelchair
BYOT...bring your own teeth
CBM...covered by medicare
CGU...can't get up
CRS...can't remember stuff
CUATSC...see you at the senior center
DWI...driving while incontinent
FWBB...friend with beta blockers
FWIW...forgot where I was
FYI...found your insulin
GGLKI...gotta go, laxative kicking in
GGPBL...gotta go, pacemaker battery low heartburn again
HGBM...had good bowel movement my hearing aid on?
LMDO...laughing my dentures out
LMGA...lost my glasses again on Lipitor
OMMR...on my massage recliner
OMSG...oh my!  sorry gas
ROFLACGU...rolling on the floor laughing and can't get up
TOT...texting on toilet to you louder
WAITT...who am I talking to?
WTFA...wet the furniture again
WATP...where are the prunes

So there ya go.  Surprise the hell out of your kids and grand kids with your superb knowledge of texting acronyms.  And they'll write each other:  OMGGKHTT!  :-O

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