Sunday, October 28, 2012

My First Time Was with Tricky Dicky

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Tricky Dicky?  Well, for those of you who are too young to remember, Tricky Dicky was one of the nicknames for President Richard Milhouse Nixon. My other choice was Hubert Humphrey.  When you ask people about their "first" time, normally they say it was horrible, not worth it, should have waited, what's all the fuss about.  With my choices of Nixon and Humphrey, for the "first" time, I would have had to use some of those adjectives   I suppose that if I were to compare myself with Lena Dunham, the young woman behind the ad recently approved by the Obama campaign, I'd have to say I lost "it" to Tricky Dicky.  Sexual innuendos and voting.  "O" my.  What next?  Fifty Shades of voting? I could really go somewhere with this 50 Shades analogy but I have some sense and sensibility and won't go there.  This is how outrageous this campaign has become.  The last few weeks have been taken up with arguments over Big Bird, binders and now the "lost" virginity. So I guess we shouldn't be thinking about the the unemployment rate, the high number of people on disability, the number of people on food stamps, the number of unemployed women, our debt to the Chinese,and we certainly shouldn't be concerned with the resurgence of Al Qaeda and the death of a US ambassador and 3 other Americans.  Nope.  Big Bird come here.   If you haven't seen the "virginity" ad, here's the dialog. (By the way, the Lilly Ledbetter act was signed by Obama in 2009.  It's an equal pay bill.)  Read more...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What the Heck is a Zwickelbier or Schwarzbier?

Spoetzl Brewery is located about 9 miles from my home town smack in the middle of Texas' German/Czech territory. Spoetzl Brewery is located in Shiner, Texas.  The area's towns have  populations of 900-2000 people. Shiner beer was very popular in the '60's with the hippies because it was one of the first organic beers. The brewery used to have tables and chairs in the tasting rooms but that had to stop because too many local people came in, plopped themselves down and had a few cold ones. Back in the '60's when we were drinking beer (and not old enough I might add...I am NOT advocating underage drinking here), the thing to do was send a car to Colorado to bring back a trunk full of Coors.  Shiner beer?  You've got to be kidding me. Yuck.  Today Shiner is quite the boutique brewery.  The brewery is so popular that they have a huge Bocktoberfest, held in October, of course. It's a big party with nationally renowned bands, bike-a-thons from Austin and of course, plenty of German /Czech food and BEER!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Dessert For Christian and Ana: Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Bars

A girlfriend of mine made these for a party I recently had.  She called them Better Than Sex Bars.  I'll call them Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Bars in honor of Christian and Ana.  Knowing Christian's penchant for kinky f*ckery, he may do a few things kinky with whatever left over peanut butter or butter or other ingredients he may have.  I don't believe either of them would agree with my girlfriend's premise that these are better than sex.  But they certainly are decadent with a touch of eroticism in them.  I can just see Christian with his torn jeans hanging on his hips with a ripped tee shirt on and making these for Ana.  Oh my... Read more...