Monday, February 18, 2013

Time Time Time is on My Side, Yes it is....

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No it's not!  Well, I guess it depends on when you make the statement.  If you're 25, yes, time can be on your side unless you get drunk and slam into a tree.  If you ask someone of the respectable age of 65 if time is on their side, they'd probably say, not as much as before.  Why does time seem to go by so quickly when you're older?  I've read a few articles about this and people like Stephen Hawkings and other big thinkers say it's a mathematical equation.  Lost me there.  Or this...let's say the average life expectancy is 100.  You're now 20, so, you then have 80% of your life left to live.  Or take the opposite, you're now 80 therefore you have only 20% of your life to live. Well, that's depressing.  That doesn't make that much sense to me because it doesn't answer the feeling that time is going by rapidly.  Here's an answer I like.  It's from Psychology Today written by Ronald Riggio, Ph.D.  He says, "that the best answer for this phenomenon is that the early years are full of first time events, your first date, the birth of your first child, that first big vacation, etc.  First occasions are novel events and we tend to make more detailed and lasting memories of those first times.  When we repeat the event, year after year, it is less likely to make a unique or lasting impression... So here is the key to slowing down the pace of life (at least psychologically): As much as possible, take advantage of new and unique experiences.  When we go to the same places and do the same things, we don't make distinct memories and time seems to fly by...focus on positive (rather than negative) past memories, trying to live more in the present, and holding a positive perception of the future-envisioning a future full of hope and optimism.  IN OTHER WORDS...use your time wisely!  Read more...

In keeping with the above thoughts, using your time wisely, I saw this article in the magazine, Mental Floss It's a great little magazine to mentally floss your brain.  In the March/April issue, they have an article on "Where Does Time Go?"  The info they use is from a new book out called The Book of Times by Lesley Alderman.  It's a compendium of studies and statistics (I'll run out and buy that puppy right now!) that parses time related data on romance, work, crime, education and housework to find new units for measuring time.  Here is some of what she found:

How long can a person live...without food...45 days...without water...7 40 degree F water...30 300 degree heat...10 minutes...without air...2-3 minutes (now I know why I'm claustrophobic).

How long will it take you to go from NYC to LA by foot...38 days, 3 bike...11 days, 17 train...2 days, 14 car...1 day, 17 plane...5 hours.

How long is the average hug...3 seconds.

How much time do we spend chewing...humans...1 hour...chimpanzees...6 hours.

How fast do our bodies regenerate...taste buds...7-14 days to renew...blood...2-4 weeks to replenish 1 pint of red blood months to grow an inch...bones...3-6 months to heal a fracture...nails...10 months to grow an inch.

How much sleep do animals need...little brown bat...19.9 hrs...giant armadillo...18.1 hrs...lion...13.5

Now you can say that today, by reading this blog, you have used your time wisely...I certainly did. I satisfied my curiosity....

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