Sunday, July 22, 2012

Olga(75) to Helen(77) Let's Run Over the Homeless Guy and other Useful Info

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It's true.  Back in 2008 two elderly women were convicted of running over and killing a homeless man for his life insurance.  How did they know he had life insurance you may query?  They took the policy out on him.  They took the policy out, put him in an apartment for two years (the minimum I guess you have to live to get awarded the policy), then they got him drunk and drugged up, dumped him in an alley, backed up and gunned the SUV, and ran over him and killed him.  Unfortunately, as bright as these two ladies might appear to be, when they ran over the gentleman, they damaged the undercarriage of their SUV and called a tow truck.  Darwin awards anyone?  They will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Read more...

Useless info:  780,000 more women are unemployed since 2008. Google it.

I was listening to CNBC on Sirius radio and they had a program on entitled Costco Craze.Costco US homepage  Very interesting stuff.  Here's some useful info:

Costco makes the majority of their money off of fees $1.5 billion.
They've sold 100 million $1.50 hot dog and soda combos .
They sell $4.5 billion in meat, $4 billion in produce, 55 million roasted chickens.
They only mark up their Kirkland products by 15%.
They sell $63 million in Kirkland labeled wines.
They are the largest purchaser of French wines in the world. 
Biggest seller: toilet paper
They only carry 4000 different products.

Please you wall street protesters, leave Costco alone!

Some body's watching you...or "reading" you.  The WSJ had a great article not too long ago about how the publishing industry is getting over its love/hate relationship with e-readers because...they can now get a better idea of what we're all reading.  Yep.  Every time you turn on your wi-fi or hook up your reader to the retailers web site, you are sending them info.  For example.  Think you're hiding that you're reading Fifty Shades of Gray?  Nope.  They know EXACTLY how long it took you to read it, how fast it took you to download the second and third books and how long it took you to finish those.  Other insights:

*Science fiction, romance and crime fiction fans read more and more quickly than readers of literary fiction.  Duh.  Ever read James Patterson?  A new chapter every two pages.
*The most highlighted quote on Kindle:  The Hunger Games, "Because sometimes things happen to people and they're not equipped to deal with them." The Hunger Games
*Non-fiction books as well as literary novels are read in fits and starts.
*They can tell if you finish a book...or not.  How much did you read then before filing it away?
*There are 40 million e-readers and 65 million tablets in use.  In the first quarter of 2012, e-books generated $282 million in sales compared to $230 million in print.
* They're also learning what is the most popular length of a book.  But do we really want War and Peace cut to just War? 

So, in keeping with the fact that I've learned 500 words is the limit of what a person will read on a blog (I'm lying), here's your last bit of useful info:

I love Oberon leather products for e-readers and iPads: 
  Hand made, hand tooled leather.  $65-$70. Oberon Design Leather Kindle Covers

Totally useless info:  (Last month) Home sales dropped a whopping 5.4% -- the biggest drop in nine months. Google it. 


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